Hate Index

Tracking the Toll of Intolerance Post-Election 2016

We've counted incidents through June 12, 2018

(compiled from news media accounts)

The Hate Index represents a journalistic effort to chronicle hate crimes and other acts of intolerance since Donald Trump's presidential election victory.

Our team at the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism's NYCity News Service is scouring news accounts to create a searchable data base of incidents.

Our goal, amid rising reports of scrawled swastikas, chants of "Build the wall!" and hijab-grabbing, as well as attacks on Trump supporters, is to add to the public accounting of hatred-in-action by giving our audience a searchable data base of incidents during this extraordinary period of American history.

We're hoping to build on the fine work of others, including the Southern Poverty Law Center. We're seeking to add value by allowing users to search for incidents by various categories.

Our methodology differs somewhat in that we're starting by primarily pulling information from news reports, and not self-reported incidents. This accounts for discrepancies in totals of incidents compiled by different entities tackling this important work in different ways.

We've logged incidents from after the election to June 12, 2018 and plan to keep updating. We'll remain as transparent as possible about our approach as we go forward.